Monday, July 06, 2009

Just another Monday night...

Just another Monday night in my neck of the woods...

I came home tonight to signs on my street saying "No Parking for Sunsetters." I'd no idea what that meant and was pretty much too dog-tired from yesterday's drive up from DC to care. I thanked the universe once again for off-street-parking and went up. I was just settling in for a little nap (did I mention the monstrous commute from DC last night?) and suddenly heard something I couldn't quite identify. Imagine my (happy) surprise to step onto my porch and see this:

Aren't they cute? They're called the Sunsetters. Here's a blurb on them from my city's website: The S********* Sunsetters are a youth performance troup, performing a mix of classic Broadway show tunes and modern musicals for residents throughout the summer. Comprised of 30 members, ages 11-18... The Sunsetters were a popular singing and dancing group throughout the 1970s and 80s, and has since made a popular comeback. In addition to shows in residential neighborhoods beginning June 26th, the group will perform at the city's Independence Day Fireworks Celebrations, ArtBeat, and the Mayor's Senior Picnic.


  1. how very wonderful for you...i like the bird accompanying them!

  2. o, i may have found a patter for my madilinetosh 50/50 wool/silk rust colored yarn. will keep you posted.

  3. That's great. I'd love to see and hear something like that outside my front door.

  4. it was terrific really. they went from show tunes to disco (a la the village people's YMCA and the like). a totally fun way to close out the first monday after an extended weekend.