Sunday, August 16, 2009

drive by...

ugh! i've been crazed with work and the never-ending housemate search. but, one of my co-workers is celebrating her 60th birthday tomorrow. she is one of the most vibrant, colorful women ever (and swears like a sailor, which cracks me up to no end). she wears bright colors, seems to favor blues and greens and also sports fun socks frequently. so, in honor of her landmark birthday, i made her:

yep, yet another pair of broadripples!!!

because i'm too tired/lazy/behind on life to be original, i swiped from my project page...

Soph’s bday is 8/17; nothing like waiting til the last moment…(note: i started these 8/4)

I’ll be trying my hand at magic loop for the first time.

changed to DPNs for heel because i couldn't imagine how the whole magic loop thing worked through dividing for heel, working gusset, etc.

8/12 riiight, it will be nothing short of a miracle if these get finished in time. started the second sock (without being completely done with the first) @ 8pm. yikers.

also just remembered this is the yarn/pattern combo that led to my knitter’s stigmata. ouch.

8/14 wowsa! somehow finished with time to spare. and really finished, as in all ends are wound in & they are ready to go. holy smoly.

i still believe this yarn/pattern combo is absolutely to die for. seriously. even my LYSO who strongly dislikes the fixation yarn found herself thinking about casting a pair on. if you (or the intended recipient) can enjoy bright colors, you just can’t go wrong with this combo.

word to the wise though - i feel the yarn really sticks on bamboo needles, so tend toward my nickel plated DPNs. however, with the stretch factor and k2tog’s i did find myself with knitter’s stigmata from pushing those pointy needles through. using the magic loop method on the legs helped a great deal. i think slightly more blunted any metal needles would be wise. darn, darn my love for super pointy needles!

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