Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oooh babies...

People around me are having babies. A co-worker and a dear former housemate. Perfect excuse to make baby things - yahoo!

It seems everyone who knits must make at least one thing designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. And among those, it appears 99.569% are compelled to make a Baby Surprise jacket. Who am I to fight the tide? And well, it helps that it was the July KAL at my LYS. I started writing about it at the end of July, so this will be repetitious if you've read the earlier entry...

I grew wildly fond of the yarn. It's Boomerang from Fiesta Yarns and is so smooshy and nice to the hands. The colors are pretty awesome as well. TBH, I've never been entirely sure what all the EZ fuss was about. I mean, I know she revolutionized knitting and get the historical legacy bit. However, I've never been so sure what distinguished her patterns.

And then I began the BSJ. Oh holy mother of all knitterly things! What kind of mind conceives of such a thing? It's knit flat, all one piece and when you get toward the end of it, it's shaped kind of like a giant manta ray. Then somehow, you fold it up and surprise! - you have a baby jacket. I mean seriously, it's designed in 3D! That's it; I've drunk the kool-aid. Elizabeth Zimmerman is pure genius.

I scored the buttons at Vickie's and really, I adore them.

I also finished one of my test knits. Karen, from my Rav group (who designed the Viking Bag of last summer) designs such lovely things. I was very honored to test knit for her. And lookee what Val's yet to be born baby girl gets:

The pattern is called Verdandi. It was a great knit and my first time knitting a top down sweater. Annnnd get this: it has absolutely no seams. That's right - no finishing except for weaving in ends, adding buttons and blocking (which by the by, I did not do...yet)