Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, I signed up to participate in the Ravelympics. As per usual, I got excited about the idea of something and acted long, long before I thought it through. I joined two events - two events. One is the Sock Put and I'm waiting to hear whether mom's slippers can count toward that. Otherwise, those puppies are on hold until the Olympic torch is extinguished in Beijing. Also, I am kinda itching to get to Mom's Surprise Socks and so would gladly work those instead. The other event is the Sweater Sprint. There I publicly declared I would attempt to create the Must Have Cardigan (MHC).

In. Seventeen. Days.

This is a picture of BrainyLady's MHC. Isn't it gorgeous?
(And complicated looking?)

Thankfully, I found another brave soul taking the project on as well. Hootsister, I love you.

Another Raveler, RenaissanceWoman, has provided some tips. Her MHC is gorgeous and her project honed my desire for the sweater. She's suggested I spend some time working through the sweater panels so I can learn the basic gist of the pattern pre-Ravelympics. I'll be doing just that all weekend.

In the meantime, I had a dream last night. I don't remember all the details, but it ended with me sitting in a huge-mongous pool of mostly knotted yarn, sobbing while my mother made a bisque. I've no idea what the bisque could possibly mean, but the sobbing in a pool of yarn is hard to misinterpret.


  1. Good luck on your Must Have. 17 days!?! I knit mine in a month, but I did spend lots of time ripping back (you know how it is). Luckily, the pattern is easier than it looks. I started with a sleeve so I'd have less time invested if I had to rip it out!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my Horseshoe Cardigan.--beatknitter

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! I'm thinking this project represents a short ride to crazyland. But, if I pull it all together, I'll just be pleased as punch (all the more so if it actually fits me)!