Sunday, July 06, 2008

Woolly Ticks in July

Okay, my supervisor - who is a nature loving, adventure seeking kinda guy - got flippin' lyme disease.

That's so not okay.

I was moved to wrap up my First Socks Ever and gift them to him to wear during his recuperation.

Then I thought of two things:

-- it's July. No one, but no one is going to be thrilled by a gift of wool socks in Boston in July. I don't care if 1,000,000,000,000 ticks bit him - wool socks in July is just... uncool.

-- they're my First Socks Ever. I should hold on to these puppies, right? Mom always said, 'There's only ever one First.' Sure, she may have been referencing something else (who knows?) but, I'm sure she'd agree the adage applies to knitting as well as any other thing.

So...I needed other socks. Quick other socks. Not-wool other socks. But, I thought maybe he'd not get them right away...perhaps as Fall sets in (um, I do have to realize I am not going to complete a whole lot right now, what with the newness of socks thing going on).

I know lots of folks seem downright disdainful of acrylic yarns. I have many things I am a wee-bit snobby about. Part of me really wants to be a yarn snob. But really? Some of the newer acrylics are kinda lovely - some feel so good and are so farking inexpensive!

I'm not a yarn snob. But, I am a compulsive investigator. When it comes to something I am the slightest bit unsure on, I spend hours (many, many hours) asking about, researching online, etc. I usually feel pretty secure with the wools I buy from the LYS, but acrylics from the chain store not even dedicated in an exclusive way to fiber arts? Ahem, I'm gonna do a little research here...

And so it was that while visiting with mom, I accidentally touched some Bernat's Satin. This is about the yummiest acrylic I’ve touched in some time - maybe even ever. Sooo very soft, so smooth feeling. And it has sheen, for Pete's sake - sheen! I couldn't resist.

Umm, I bought 8 skeins, without doing any research at all!

I've settled on the pattern and now have a yarn. We'll see...

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