Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Broadripple love

I am working on my 1st Broadripple socks. I say 1st because I love this pattern so deeply, it is clear I am going to make many, many, many more. I may never knit another pattern for socks.

This is the yarn I used:

It is one of the Cascade Fixations I picked up when the brightness of Mom's Crazy Socks rendered me unable to calculate color. But, guess what - I love it, too!

I'm about 75% through the 2nd sock and I am kinda... moved by them . This is the sock pattern that led to my "Knitter's Stigmata" and yet, I love it. It is the first sock I truly feel something strong about. I love the blazing color, I love the simple and yet, insanely wonderful pattern, I love the feel of the yarn (though I am not even the slightest bit sure I am knitting this elastic yarn 'correctly.'

It truly is my favorite - the one I most certainly will not give away. These are the oddly colored socks I will wear proudly on my own two feet. These socks I will pull from my feet and show others. I will proclaim, 'Admire these! I bled for these! I made these from brightly colored elastic string and metal sticks!'

These are the socks that truly passed me over into the "sock knitters" realm. I was sort of test driving this whole sock knitting thing - it's been pretty durned okay, I've felt satisfaction. But these socks? These make me want to knit more and more socks. Many more socks.

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