Monday, September 22, 2008


Ho hum, so I finally finished the Must Have Cardigan. I dunno. I feel like I ought to feel pretty darned happy. It's finally done. I busted tail on it and it's finally done. I should be happy or something, right? Instead, it's like: *yawn* eh, it's done *yawn* . May be a sign of the blah feeling I've got going generally now. Or it could be that this sweater simply ran its course with me a long time ago and now I can't even muster the energy to feel anything about finishing it. In any case, here it be:
I actually finished it last night, but wasn't motivated enough to take a photo. Today, I snapped one and it's not even a super good one at that. Maybe I'll try for better photos once I am feeling better.


  1. Wow, that is freaking beautiful!! Sorry you're blah on it, I do know the feeling, but really, that is gorgeous!

  2. Felicia, it's GORGEOUS!!! Fantastic job! Now come on over to The Pub and I'll try to make you one of those lemon drop thingies to celebrate! ;)

  3. Well, I agree - it's stunning. But come on! You're HANGING it on a HANGAR! Do you want to ruin it instantly? Go fold it up proper with some nice mothballs, right now.

  4. Hey! I've made it to your blog! I'm so excited! You sent me the link ages ago, but I accidentally deleted it and never got around to asking for it again. Now you will have comments galore from me.

    First off, my excitement for that sweater makes up for your lack of excitement. It is beautiful! Someone is quite lucky. I would wear that until there were holes in the elbows. I love it! Good job!

    Also, Emma's comment made me snort with laughter.

    I'm so glad I have your blog now!

    Okay, enough exclamation points. I'm not even caffeinated as I write this. Not that I ever caffeinate, you would just think so from the exclamation points.

  5. Your sweater is absolutely lovely! Maybe in a little while you will feel less blah about it.