Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love-Those-Cables, baby -Viking Bag, completed

Things have been a blur with housemate interviews, etc. I've taken to working on projects during interviews. I think someone's reaction to my whipping out knitting tells me something about them. Sean, my housemate, was with me as I started wrapping up my Love-Those-Cables, baby -Viking Bag. He was duly impressed. He rocks.

Here's the bag, completed:

I'm not gonna lie - I loooooove it. Karen is a genius. She designs wonderfully - as further evidenced by the absolutely beautiful son she also recently created.


  1. I love it too. Almost enough to ask you for the pattern. But not quite. It is simultaneously sassy and traditionally cool.

  2. Really gorgeous! When are you going to make me one? I'll swap you some socks!
    Did you line it with fabric?
    When can I see it live?