Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bre-Bre's Birthday Monkeys

So, a couple of people asked about my niece's socks. It was super nice how cool and generous a few folks thought I was in giving her my beloved Broadripples. Thanks for thinking well of me.


... the Broadripples remain mine for now. Let me be clear: if she wants them, I'll certainly give them to her. I love her immeasurably, could deny her nothing, really. But, as it turns out, upon reflection I felt the colors were a bit garish for any but me to truly love.

I'd wandered into my favorite LYS and the ever-wily Vickie had some gorgeous MadelineTosh sock yarn displayed right at the door. I saw a most gorgeous red. It was so lovely, I immediately knew it was a perfect color for Breanna. But, it wasn't inexpensive, so I tried to resist, looking around at any and all other red sock yarns in the store. I tried to buy another - also lovely and less costly - yarn, but the MadelineTosh was captivating. The picture truly does it no justice.

Naturally, spurred on by my love of Bre and the insane gorgeousness of yarn, I bought it.

I'd queued about 400000000000000 sock patterns on Ravelry. I was smitten by everything Cookie A. designed but felt not quite good enough to try her patterns. They are works of art, truly. The way she uses the various methods of the two basic stitches is just mind-boggling. I've admired and admired and thought: 'Someday...when I'm a better knitter...'

Well, someday turned out the be the day I needed to knit socks so cool that Bre would choose them over my dearly loved Broadripples.I think I did it!

I give you "Bre-Bre's Birthday Monkeys:

I love them! I can utterly understand why this pattern is the sinlge most popular pattern on a site with untold numbers of patterns. Once I 'got it' they were a super fun knit.

Take a little lookie at the greatness of the pattern and the way it complements the yarn.
Oh joy, the Broadripples may well remain mine, mine, mine and Breanna gets a most excellent, lovingly made gift for her Sweet Sixteen.


  1. Those are GORGEOUS!!!! She's a lucky girl! OK, now I really must make some Monkeys too! :D

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  3. Doesn't MadelineTosh make the best yarns! I just made gloves out of mine. I am so impressed with you that you made those socks! I tried and failed! When are you going to come over and give me a lesson?

  4. these are lovely socks! you're so sweet to make them and give them away! :)

    we've missed you on ravelry lately!