Monday, May 25, 2009

All Scarfed Out

Quickie post to put up the latest FO.

This weekend, I went down to MD/VA and had the best time with some of the most phenomenal women on the planet. That I am related to them is truly a blessing. What a lovely time with great aunts, aunts, cousins, nieces and of course, my dear mamma-san.

We had barbecue and 'sippies' - we laughed, we shared, there was a little dancing, and a lot of reminiscing. Overall, one of the best weekends in a looooooooong time.

And in between, there was (of course) knitting.

Finally finished the scarf to go the with Amanda Hat for Kristin.

Here's the (close-to-matching) set:

Overall, I am pleased with how they came out. But...
I am Totally. All. Scarfed. Out.

For real. This is a lovely pattern, written by none other than my knitting idol (aka The Yarn Harlot). It is impossibly easy to memorize and thus, can be worked most anywhere, anytime.

The problem, then? Well, it is a scarf. Which means it gets knit everywhere and all times in order just to get through the bloody thing. Scarves are endless. My patience and ability to stick with any given thing is...not.

But here's the super-fun part: I've gotten about five requests from people I esteem for the same set. Arggggghhhhh. Thankfully, hat and scarf season is a ways away.

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  1. Yeah, can I have one? Kidding! I sort of like scarves for the same reason you don't. You start the pattern and go. There isn't a lot of thinking until you reach the end.