Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nodding off behind the wheel

So something new happened last night. I was knitting along on my little clappie peacefully, noting nothing amiss. Then as I was working the last row of my second repeat of the straight rows I realized I'd been nodding off while working it. Indeed, I realized I was nodding off quite a bit - while knitting. Yikers.

Thankfully, I was at a good stopping place. Here is where I was:

This is going along at what seems an agonizingly slow pace. I think because I've been working hats and smaller projects and had forgotten that some knits takes weeks or even months. My patience for CO to FO seems to pan out at about day three lately. I see a lot of hats happening for the holidays if this keeps up. By the by, did I mention I created the project page and bought the yarn and started a KAL for this last August? That means theoretically I've been working this for ten months. So, it should be done already, right?

The color combo had been bothering me. I think it was the orange where I'd hoped to find a rich red. It seemed a little halloween-ish to me. But as it's grown, it's grown on me. Now it seems very fall-like and that, I can live with. The yarn is as everyone says: pure fiber heaven. It is so smooth and light as a feather. It is knitting clouds really.


  1. i have the yarn for one but not started it yet. your's is looking good.

  2. My mom has a fear of nodding off under the dryers at the hair salon. Because the old ladies do that and their mouths fall open. I guess the worst that could happen to you is that you could nod off and the knitting needle could poke you in the eye.

    I saw those colors and my first reaction was "oooohhh! Pretty!" so I am a huge fan.