Monday, May 11, 2009

More for Mamma-san

Sometime before Christmas (I know, I know) I settled on a hat and scarf for my dear Mamma-san. I finishes the hat in plent of time (I'm pretty sure i gave it to her, right???) but making a matching scarf was sloooow going- and got side-tracked by me deciding to love a different yarn.

Here is the hat itself (it's the Raisin Beret on Ravelry):
top view (oops, maybe she never did get it???)

It's cute enough. But as one knows, my dear Mamma-san likes colors. And she likes 'em vivid. So, when I came across some Noro Kureyon on sale, well I was compelled to make another. It is here:
inside view

top view

I am sure mom got this one, because she wore it to Obama's inauguration (yeah, I gotta write about being there soon!). Here we (Mamma-san, Yolanda and I) are at the inauguration.
Let me say that again: At. The. Inauguration. Whoa nelly!

See, mom has the hat on. (Clearly she got this one) And for the record, these colors are reallllly vivid and enabled us to keep track of mom - even in a crowd of 2 million people!

But the scarf kept eluding me. I wanted to find one the resembled the hat's stitch pattern. The Noro was no longer on sale and mamma likes her scarves long. Ugh. Finally, I simply used the same bloody stitch pattern as the hat, knit flat and slightly modified and sucked up the cost of the yarn. Here it is:

Hopefully, she gets it in time for next Christmas!


  1. I like the hat, though I've never been able to pull off a beret myself. But that scarf is something else.

    Hey, did you see my friend Jeff at the inaguaration? Becasue he was there, too! :-)

  2. yes! i did see jeff! i knew there was something i meant to tell you...

    hey, recognize that table????