Tuesday, June 09, 2009

results of my 'incident'

my dreamy blue, super soft mmmmmalabrigo Amanda Hat got completed tonight. i loved working this pattern with this yarn. it was super dreamy! i think it’s a little snugger than i’d like at the top. i'd gone down a needle size as i felt the first hat was a little too loose on the head. next time, i think i will go back up a needle size for the second set of pattern repeats. otherwise, i love, love, love it. the color knocks me right out. i am going to try hard to keep this one for myself.

i really, really wanted to get gorgeous photos of my silk noir up. however, today was all rain and grey. according to the forecast, it's gonna stay rainy and grey for some time. so, here it is - though shot in overcast conditions.

this picture does this yarn no justice at all whatsoever... IRL it is far more vivid and rich and red-pink.


  1. that hat is magnifico! BUT you did not show your face! and it's happiness with it's color and completion and pride! it looks good with the one eye.

  2. ps would you do light blue against the black...i can't see the current dark blue shade against the black.

    ps 2 what is the name of the pattern and how can i find it?

  3. When "incdents" result is something so lovely they can be celebrated. I second the call for a picture with your face.

  4. thanks ladies! as for the one eyed photo: i'm cultivating a pirate look. ;>