Saturday, June 06, 2009

So much for project loyalty (and FOs)

soooo, i am three repeats of the straight rows away from the decrease rows on my clapotis shawl. every bloody row is knit with a slight (but growing!) resentment. i timed it today as i worked the last two repeats and it takes me two bleeding hours to do one repeat. that means six hours til i hit the decrease rows. ugh and ugh again.

on the other hand, in an attempt to escape the clap, i did finish the last repeat on my second viking bag. i celebrated for a moment and then remembered it was i-cord time. i began and yeah, i’d kind of forgotten how tedious it can be.

i am definitely going to need to cast something else on right away. i’m thinking socks as it needs to be something fun and also something i can easily put down and then pick up again when i need some escape.

also i have a sh*tstorm of work to catch up on and am determined to do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen tomorrow.

it's a sad, sad day when cleaning the kitchen looks like a valid alternative to working a knitting project.


  1. i told you, if you really hate the clapote, i will willingly take it off your hands...i think it looks prettier every day!

  2. I'm about to start on handwarmers for the boyfriend's birthday (he of the ice cold hands). He actually saw someone wearing them and came home all excited and told me all about them. Thank goodness, because I had no idea what I would get him. They are supposed to knit up fast, but I've not knit in a very long time, so he may get a half-completed project.