Monday, June 08, 2009

a little yarn incident

i had a little yarn incident. i don’t remember where i was in the village*, but someone reminded me of my abiding mmmmalabrigo love and oops! - i accidentally bought some. it came today at work and is soooo lovely i almost used pencils to cast it on... just to work it a little.

then i went to knit night and… well, i bought more yarn.

i just sort of fell head over heels in love with the silk noir by the great adirondack yarn co. it was like being possessed. the colorway is called ‘candy apple’ and it is unearthly beautiful. there was only one skein left! i had to have it, right? granted, it’s 900 yds and i did have the two skeins of mmmalabrigo right there with me, but….

…. wait, i think the mmmalabrigo fumes put me in a trance! yeah, that’s it - i was in a trance and in my mmmmalabrigo weakened state i made an unaccountable additional yarn purchase.

all that and i did not buy yarn to make me love the clappie pattern. which means there is undoubtedly another bad-girl purchase in my future.

please send help.

post script, some three hours later: i tried but i couldn't resist the mmmmalabrigo. balled up a skein and am three repeats into the lace background pattern of the amanda hat. the color is divine and working this yarn is finger orgasms.

seriously though.

*the village is a total win group on it rocks, the residents rock. total win.


  1. this this color!!! if you have to give it away...never need to wear this out and have it show off your pretty face!!! you go girl~

  2. HeeHee I love the idea of casting on with pencils just to get a fee for it before getting to real needles. LOL

    You must absolutely keep this one for yourself! It's a gorgeus blue, it's mmmmalabrigo, it's your favorite pattern! It's yours!!!!! :D

    Now I must run off and go find this color mal that I haven't seen before....

  3. thanks ladies! this hat was a fast fav. i really cannot recommend this pattern enough! the marriage between this pattern and this yarn is delightful.