Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ugh, ugh and argh....

sooooooo, i just started on my third skein for my clappie and suddenly kind of hate it. i couldn't figure out what was wrong when it hit me: (non-triangular) shawls are pretty much just really, extra wide scarves and ummm.... didn't i kind of swear off scarves just the other day because the monotony was unbearable?!?!?!

so yeah, i am at an ugly place with it of either giving it a loooong nap (which doesn't appeal to me because i am going through some sort of phase wherein i need FOs and, i think i might love it when it's bloody done) or buckling down just to get it over. argh.

i am loving the yarn (Malabrigo Silky Merino). it is soooo super soft and light and glitters in the light. sigh. it is knitting heaven. on the flip side (for this project), it is also kind of sticky and laddering down the dropped columns is work, i tell ya. however, given how much panic a dropped stitch usually generates, this is a lovely yarn for me. it holds even dropped stitches like it woolen life depends on it.


  1. i think it is lovely~ so if you decide you don't like scarfs when you finish, it can happily live at my house. i ever bought a shawl pin that would look so good with it! just saying.... (giggle)

  2. At least you started with the long end and are knitting toward the short end. I knit a shawl once that started at the point and each row became longer and longer and longer. It drove me crazy. Yours is beautiful, though.