Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In The Beginning

Hmmm...okay, I've nothing really to say except that I've been bitten by the freakin' sock-knitting-bug. Argh!!! And it has taken me to a new world of wonderful bloggers, stash building and of course, sock knitting. So this will be my just-for-me space to record the madness I think is going to ensue...

Massive confession/reminder: I taught myself to knit 20 years ago for a boy! I was convinced he would make an ideal “2nd husband” at some point and thought knitting him a sweater was a surefire way to guarantee our future happiness.

Clearly, I hadn’t heard of The Curse.

But yeah, there it is: I taught myself to knit to impress a boy. I made him a cardigan. Since then, I have almost exclusively knit sweaters and almost always as gifts for people. In twenty years, I think there have been 15 sweaters, with maybe 1/2 dozen other projects tossed in. That is a pretty casual knitting life.

And then I was seduced by socks. I woke up one day determined to conquer my fear of socks. Suddenly, I am growing a stash. Who knows where this will lead?

ps. the boy in question did, in fact, grow into a wonderful man. a happily married - to someone else, no less - man. we are still friends.

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