Monday, June 09, 2008

First Socks Ever

1st sock done. And HUGE.

It’s not for me, though (thank goodness). I don’t think I’ve ever ripped back so much in my life. I think I re-knit it at least 5 times.

Apparently, I cannot count and heels are a mysterious & confounding thing.

Here is was in the beginning. Such a sweet lil thing. But look at all those needles! Hot dang!
Wow, all the knitting and I'm finally approaching the dreaded heel. Now, the nice lady at the Knittin' Kitten said most people knit to this point...

...and then come on for help. But, it's 2am and I don't think I'm capable of stopping...

Look mom! I made a heel! (and it ain't half bad, says...well, me..)

Finished! And egad, but that's a mighty big sock!

2nd sock finished 7/1. and yes...I made a bloody slide show. Of. The. Sock. Project... Somebody send help. Please.

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