Sunday, June 29, 2008

Band-aids/Knitter's Stigmata

So, I finally ventured to the Broadripple pattern for socks. I am knitting it up with my spiffy new knit picks needles and my pretty cascade yarn. I am in love with this pattern! For more experienced knitters, it may be a different experience, but for me - what’s happening with my yarn is something miraculous. There’s angling, rippling, darling little dots! I love, love it. My new favorite sock. If Rob Matsyka was here, I’d kiss him full on the lips.

About an hour or so ago (knitter's time, where does it go?), I noted that it was becoming painful to give the needle tip the little tap to go through. I remember reading somewhere someone asking about a type of thimble for knitters. I don't recall the message board, but there was an impressive array of suggestions for the original poster seeking a knitter's thimble-type thing. Band-aids were oft mentioned and I have them handy, so on they went. One on each index fingertip - right were I noticed I had developed a dark indentation.

Once adjusted to the weird numb effect, I have been happily moving along on the sock. I've been feeling pleased as punch that I was now able to give both needles a little tap when needed, without pain. It occurred to me the slight adjustment I'd made because of the pain in my near-to-punctured fingertips had been slowing me down considerably and I am tickled not to be hindered any longer.

Then the "I wonder" set it...

I wonder if coming *this* close to actual puncture points in my fingertips might be a sign I need a knitting break?

Conversely, I wonder if anyone who thinks so can possibly understand what it's like to be utterly in love with a yarn and pattern, and to be so committed to the magical outcome of these that knitter-stigmata seems a small price to pay?


  1. Oh yah, I've been there, in knitter's stigmata torture. Hell, I even knit with nickel needles if I have to and I have a nickel allergy reaction. Talk about knit love!

  2. So glad you like my pattern. And I'll take that rain check on the full-on smooch, were you ever in Michigan!