Saturday, August 09, 2008

And the mistakes begin...

Another drive-by post. Gotta get the photos up so I can keep track.

The blasted Must Have is still in progress. I've about 11 inches of this impossibly huge back in. In my new-found love of all things sock, I forgot how slow sweater knitting can be. And I've not made an adult size in forever - never mind a larger adult. I discovered an error in the chart I made and that Liz and I spent an inordinate amount of time making printer friendly. Just ugh on that. But, just a couple of rows ago I began to feel myself in 'the groove.' I've not quite memorized the pattern, but I am starting to intuit things as I knit. Do you hear the heavenly choir?
Well, tell them to hush, because I just hit a hard, brick wall.

One of the things that tends to slow me down is my compulsive admiration fixation. Does anyone else in the world have that? Just me? Figures. Knit a row, stop, admire, knit the next row, stop admire and repeat. It slows me down an insane amount so I have been trying to quell the urge. Well, guess what? There are two blazing errors that went undetected until now. On the lower right side, I've done what can only be called an interesting interpretation of the Irish moss stitch for about three rows (actually, the error is in one row, but it knocks the continuity of three rows) and then....oh, then I completely missed a cabling section! Argh!!!! This is taking impossibly long. I cannot bear to rip back so far. I need to keep going to maintain any energy for the project.

View my shame:

I'm going to ask the good people of the boards (Go Team HO!) to help me live with this. If I have to rip back at this point, I fear I will frog the whole thing. And there's not enough chocolate in the whole wide world to help me deal with that buggerness.

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