Wednesday, August 13, 2008


OMG - I hit a groove on the Must Have!

I came home from work and about the time I'd completed paperwork and settled in to some serious TV, I picked the Must Have back up. I'd been avoiding it. It was kicking my *ss. Between the painfully slow knitting and the errors, I was feeling ill at the thought of it.

But today I ripped through as many rows in four hours as I did in about seven on Friday. More than that, it started to come together in my head a little. Finally. I mean really, I'm not this dumb in real life, but I could not get this pattern. Until this evening. It was my first Must Have session that did not result in errors. I tinked back very little and looking it over, I can't find huge mistakes. Finally.

I added a few inches length and am ready to begin armhole shaping. I wish it wasn't so late cause it would be ideal to start shaping while I'm in this zone.

Here's the progress:

My arms are so sore though. Time for a break and little sleepy-sleep.


  1. Huzzah! :D I love that cardigan, I really need to make once myself. Good luck!