Friday, August 08, 2008

The Ravelympics are ON, baby!

Finally, finally! Too busy to write much, but want to get photos up. So, random photos for now that I will make sense of at some point:

My first FO: little flowers for mom's slippers

They're wee, but they were my very first flowers and I kinda love them. Two went down in flames before I produced these three. They took an entirely embarrassing long time. I cannot knit. Why do I think I can? But they scored me a trip to the Ravelympics Podium. Yahooey! Even though they're tiny, they are done, thus FOs, thus I was awarded the new nifty avatar of BobicusMaximus himself.

And a medal:

How is this ever going to be a sweater in 17 days???

Okay, starting to look like a potential back of a sweater. But in 17 days? Still seems impossible...

For reasons unknown, I started on bamboo single pointed needles. Um, right after that photo was taken, I slapped myself hard on the head and switched to the nice Addi turbo circulars. duh.

There is one pocketbook slipper:

I do not love this slipper. I don't love it a lot. A whole lot. My lack of love for this slipper may be boundless. No offense to the designer (actually, I think there are two) but this is not a project I find aesthetically pleasing. At. All. It looks cute as all get out when all folded up earning its name. However, when stretched on the foot? I said, I don't love this a lot.

No photos of sock yet. Gotta get back to knitting (and the boards).

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