Monday, August 18, 2008

Blue Magic redux...

Couldn't sleep. Soooo, better photos of the Blue Magic Socks:

That's better. Bet I sleep now...


  1. Okay, what's with the socks? I thought your Ravelympics project was the sweater? Are you working on socks in your "spare time"? I thought I might attempt to finish my sweater while on vacation, but I'll be lucky if I get just the front and back done. And you know the sleeves are the worst part. I should have started with them. sigh.
    Good luck - only six more days to go!

  2. hee hee - i ended up with um... erm... seventeen projects for the games. i blame my team members! the socks were intended as sweater breaks. i've managed a complete pair of socks, plus one; a pair of slippers and taught myself flowers. it's been an insane time! i am also house mate hunting. i may break down entirely at the end of the month.

    what sweater are you working on?